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Busy busy week.

This was a busy week! From the fall festival and the convalescent home to getting our property surveyed and getting septic bids it was all go-go-go. I am very thankful to my second family for coming up and helping on days I was completely overwhelmed so we could get things done.

Gotta eat fair food at the festival! Corn dogs and nachos and fresh donuts.

My kids favorite activity every year is the glow in the dark mini golf. Other activities they enjoyed included fishing, throwing balls through various holes and the escape room. The line for the prize table was way too long at the end so we bargained with the kids and promised them a trip to a frozen yogurt place later in the week in trade.

Cas enjoying a new color game. I actually got it to get the kids moving but they quickly discovered they can get the fastest time if the pieces are in a line.
Ari tallying up all the “money” she earned at the fall festival.
Cas refreshing our planter box with some new pansies.
Ari refreshing her half of the planter box.
Cas building his Mongolian Yurt (we studied China under the Khans this week).
Ari’s watercolor crayon art this week.
Ari peeking out of her finished yurt. She decided she didn’t want a door.
Cas’s yurt had a door, until Ari decided she didn’t want one, then he removed his too.
Making beaded pumpkins.
Ari made sure each strand of her pumpkin had the same pattern.
The finished pumpkins.

So we had a fun week of homeschool. Next week we’ll focus in on Thanksgiving.

Ari is in our local Adventurer club which meets two Tuesdays a month. This week she learned about how different community members work together to care for us.

We went to a local convalescent home and sang for the residents and handed out cards the kids had made. Ari recited two fall poems and Cas didn’t want to be left out so, spur of the moment, he recited two memory verses. They’ve asked our group to come back every month so I’ll make sure Cas has something to share next time.

On Friday’s we do a vespers with friends. Before the time change we did this outside where the kids could run around and play before and after. Now it is too dark so we host it at our apartment and have found some creative outlets for their energy. We all look forward to vespers every week and it is a fun way to open the Sabbath.

Lastly, here is a vegetarian pot pie that Ari and Cas made with the help of their dad. It was scrumptious! There were no leftovers to save and we were stuffed. Good practice for Thanksgiving 😉

Speaking of Thanksgiving, every November we have a thankful pumpkin. Every day we each add something or someone we are thankful for. How do you remember to be thankful?

Have a thankful week!

Books we read:

Shows watched: The Mandalorian…I miss John Williams’ music but otherwise I love the show.


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