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Ideas for Entertaining and Educating Kids at Home

Since everyone is homeschooling now during the Covid-19 pandemic…I thought I’d share some resources available to parents who haven’t had a chance to prepare. First is this huge spreadsheet of Education companies compiled by Amazing Educational Resources offering free subscriptions:

From the giant list above, I can personally recommend BrainPop Jr (learning videos on a lot of topics and quizzes for grades K-3) and BrainPop (grades 4+), ABCMouse (full school curriculum ages 2-8), iReady (adaptive learning platform teaching reading and math k-8 I think? we’re doing first grade), DreamBox Learning (adaptive elementary math curriculum), DuoLingo (language learning), IXL (comprehensive k-12 curriculum, I’ve only used the math section), Khan Academy Kids (mostly math and reading for toddler-third I think), spellingcity (Spelling practice), StarFall (Math and Reading for K-2), and (typing practice).

I’m going to be checking out Scholastic, ST Math and Prodigies from the list above.

If you don’t want your kids learning to be all online and they are in the preschool/kindergarten age range I recommend looking at God’s Little Explorers and ABC Jesus Loves Me. They both are fun, free, fully planned out, curriculums to do at home. For older kids I recommend Ambleside Online. You could do their regular curriculum, again it’s free and all the books needed are in the public domain meaning you can easily find them for free at Project Gutenberg or as audio books at But…they also have a planned out easier curriculum for emergency periods like this found here: Here are a couple others that have a complete curriculum, these are all online but have kids doing things not online. I haven’t used these but they are well reviewed by others. Under the Home has grades K-4 and includes lessons on Art, Art History, Geography, and Music in addition to your regular school subjects. And Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool is a free Christian Homeschool with all subjects including art, music and PE for preschool through high school.

Or if you don’t want your kids online and you don’t want to be printing things and figuring everything out and you don’t mind spending a little cash, I recommend ivy-kids boxes. You don’t have to buy a subscription, just go to the store and pick one you would like. That box has enough activities to easily fill a week if you did nothing else, or can easily stretch out to a month if you are also doing online learning and free play. They also have a cheap sibling add on. They are a lot of fun, my kids love them and they can easily be a full curriculum for kids through second or third grade.

If you are struggling for ideas of what to do with your kids, I hope this list helps. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family who have homeschooled, they will be full of ideas and experience or you are welcome to ask me any questions, I love homeschooling. We will all get through this together!


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