Farmland Math Review

Timberdoodle’s Farmland Math is a simple and intuitive preschool math program that both of my kids have enjoyed. It consists of a Farm mat, a bucket of farm animals made up of 6 different animals in 5 different colors, and a weekly lesson guide with a total of 36 lessons. The lessons are set in the form of a story like…it’s Farmer Bill’s birthday, the animals want to give him a parade to wish him happy birthday. Place a red animal along the road and then a yellow animal and then a red animal and then a yellow animal, what color animal do you think goes next? etc until they’ve used all the red and yellow animals and then you help the animals sing happy birthday to Farmer Bill. It starts out very simply learning to count to 3 or to sort by color but by the end they’re doing simple addition and subtraction problems and basic fractions (farmer Dave has 2 kids and wants to give each kid an equal number of animals. Farmer Dave has 4 cows, if he wants to give each kid half how many do they each get?).

When Ari went through the program she had certain stories she really liked and would ask to do them over and over again or ask if she could do them after we finished whatever today’s story was. The happy birthday story was a favorite for her. She also enjoyed just playing with the animals and making her own stories on the mats. Cas enjoyed the stories and figuring them out but he never asked to do any story over again. It is a very simple and engaging program for kids. It’s all hands on so they can play out the story with the animals and easily solve the problems. I feel like it has helped my kids feel like they can be successful in math from an early age. It’s also very easy for the parent because all you have to do is read the story to them. Also, don’t feel like because it says 36 weeks that you have to start and finish it all in 36 weeks. Ari started when she was 2.5 and finished just before she turned 4 because she liked to repeat stories. Cas started at 3 and finished at about 4.5 because we’re a lot busier and often had weeks where we just didn’t do it and then we’d forget which story we were on…until I came up with the idea to sticker a story after we finished it so we could just find the next story that didn’t have a sticker by it. Anyways we’ve now finished and Cas is excitedly diving into Mathessori which should continue the hands on concrete math learning.

For those that want to play some math games with their preschooler and give them a head start in learning that math is fun, I would recommend Farmland Math.

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    1. Usually less than 5 minutes, maybe a few could take up to 10. It’s a quick, fun and easy way to introduce math concepts to little people 🙂 Of course playing with the plastic animals for fun could take a while depending on the kid. Ari could play with them for hours, Cas wasn’t interested in playing with them but he enjoyed the lessons.


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