Christmas School 2021 Week 2

Had another good week of Christmas school! We learned about how Christmas is celebrated in New Zealand, Brazil, Germany and the Philippines and about Hanukkah in Israel. We tried some traditions from those countries like spinning the dreidel, having a book flood, and making Christmas crackers. We got to try all kinds of different foods and we continued some of our own traditions like decorating the Christmas tree, making gingerbread men and helping the wise men follow the star every morning.

My kids have been taking swimming lessons at Watersprites since they were 2. Cas is making excellent progress and can swim all the way across the long way of the pool by himself and has started learning how to swim on his back. Ari graduated from the swim school this week! She can correctly swim laps of butterfly, free style, back stroke and breast stroke as well as do the correct flip turns for each stroke. She’s definitely a better swimmer than I am! Next she wants to take baptismal classes and then gymnastics.

As far as the house is going, we have the HVAC subcontractor working on it this week, so maybe things will speed up again. It’s always nice when something is happening over there.

What Christmas traditions does your family have? Do you have particular food/treats reserved for this time of year?

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