2022 A New Start

Before I make my resolutions for this year, I want to look back on last year. Last year I chose fewer goals. That was probably a good thing because even those few goals were shaken when our contractor abandoned in May.

I did continue listening to Pine Knoll’s Sabbath School class and I did memorize several chapters of the Bible: Psalm 1, 23, 117, 125, 131, 133, 134 and Isaiah 63. However I only made it through 1 Samuel on my journey through the Bible with Graham Maxwell’s Picture of God in All 66.

I did continue to drink plenty of water however exercise and sleep still haven’t recovered to their proper levels.

God keeps working with me on reasoning with my kids over yelling or shaming. And I get to practice apologizing a lot.

We did start building topsoil on our property with our swales and our chicken tractor. We also got several fruit trees in the ground. I do not have any garden beds though.

Kids have moved to their own room. Yay!

Date night and connecting regularly with my parents and siblings has stayed stable so that’s good.

So it wasn’t terrible. I did accomplish several of my goals. I am feeling hopeful this year. Not so hopeful I’m going to do as many goals as I had in 2020 and before but…I think I have the energy to get some momentum going.

My 2022 Resolutions

  • Finish (or at least get to the NT) going through the Bible with Graham Maxwell’s Picture of God in All 66.
  • Increase exercise to happening 3-5 days a week
  • Get to bed before 11 (maybe before 10 by the end of the year?) and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Stay positive and remember, God is my contractor and He has our lives in His hands. I just need to take the next step.
  • Go backpacking!
  • Get at least 2 garden beds in this spring.
  • Practice breathing over yelling.
  • Find our outdoors baseline. I’m using the 1000 hours outside challenge to find our baseline. I don’t think it’s 1000 hours but it’ll let me know where we’re at.
  • Continue the things I’ve achieved in the last year…memorize more Bible chapters etc.
  • Enjoy my family!

Did you make any resolutions this year?

2 thoughts on “2022 A New Start

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    1. I wasn’t counting hours yet over New Years so since we started counting…we’ve done 1 and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. But Ari insists we get at least 3 over the weekend 😉 And Cas has counted to 100 several times using the “first 100 hours” chart so that’s been useful too.

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