New Year, New Routine

We had a fun new years with my in-laws and celebrated our last Christmas with them. We played 4 rounds of miniature golf and went rock climbing. We adults also visited IKEA, played 2 games of Wingspan and did our first Escape room since Covid became a thing. The escape room was called Capitol Treasure and was excellent and had lots of fun physical puzzles.

We returned home to discover our hens had also left us a Christmas gift…our first egg! And it was blue! We’ve since gotten 3 eggs.

Now the Christmas decor is all packed up and put away and we’re back into the school/work routine with a few changes. Ari decided the next classes she wanted were baptismal classes so she has those once a week while Cas is continuing his swim lessons. I am filling in teaching Senior Bible at the academy until March which gets us moving in the morning and we’ve consolidated our two co-op classes into one. We’re also doing our annual January Read Aloud Challenge but this year Cas gets to join in. The kids try to read aloud a book each day and every 5 days they do that, they earn a prize. They have lots of enthusiasm and usually read each other a book right off the bat in the morning. They’ve gotten to choose their first prizes: Cas chose an extra dessert at lunch and Ari chose building an epic fort as a family. We’re also using the 1000 hours outside challenge to find our baseline outside time. The hard part is that we often do snippets of time outside…like walking to and from the school, walking the dog and eating lunch outside but a solid hour outside doesn’t happen as frequently during the winter. We’ll see if this helps us increase that time.

We’re also studying France right now and Ari has decided she wants to travel to France for her 10th birthday trip. We’ve eaten croissants and baguettes with brie. We’ve read books about Impressionist painters (mostly Monet because he’s my favorite), Madeline and Zarafa; and we’ve watched the Aristocats, and the Red Balloon as well as Are We There Yet: France so we’ve gotten the new year off to a good start.

Is your January going well? Have you started any new challenges this year? How are they going? Do you have a favorite place in France we should visit and any tips for traveling abroad with kids?

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