Learning about France

We’re back in the swing of homeschool! We’re having a blast learning about France since it’s where Ari wants to go for her 10th birthday trip. I might also be staying up too late learning about France 😛 I’ll get that figured out. We’ve also started working on learning some French with Duolingo and Language Transfer. If you have any other suggestions for learning French from home…we’re open to more suggestions! We’ve eaten croissants and nutella and watched videos and poured over books…and we still have at least a year and a half to go! Today is our french feast which I will post pictures of next week. We’re having souffle, croissants and chocolate mousse.

Ari’s also been working on her outdoor skills and sent a postcard in morse code this week as well as learned to lash together a (mini) raft with sticks and paracord. Both kids had fun playing with the gyroscope I got for my high school class, building an epic fort over their beds, and doing several crafts. Cas got to fly the drone Caleb got for his high school class and has been working with his mathessori materials. Both kids have earned their second prize for the Read Aloud Challenge. Ari chose flashlight tag which we played after Adventurers on Wednesday night. Cas is still picking his second prize.

Over at the house, the doors have been delivered (I’ll have pics next week) and the electrical starts being roughed in next week. Also we have 2 hens laying eggs now!

The weather has been beautiful and we have capitalized on some outside time. Eating lunch outside, playing at the park and hanging out with our chickens. Overall it’s been a really good week.

How’s your January going?

4 thoughts on “Learning about France

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  1. It was so interesting reading your adventures. Thank you for sharing you family learning time.
    You are a precious beautiful family.
    I am always captivated by Caleb’s stories. What experiences you share!!!
    Wonderful parents, precious kids.


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