Farmland Math Review

Timberdoodle's Farmland Math is a simple and intuitive preschool math program that both of my kids have enjoyed. It consists of a Farm mat, a bucket of farm animals made up of 6 different animals in 5 different colors, and a weekly lesson guide with a total of 36 lessons. The lessons are set in... Continue Reading →

Back to School 2021!

We started back to homeschool this week! We didn't start until the middle of the week because...while we had organized and gone through stuff in the rest of our apartment...we'd put off organizing the homeschool room. So we started the week by organizing it and briefly had everything organized...and then got a bunch of books... Continue Reading →

Year in Review 2020-2021

This is the post where I let you know what did and didn't work for us of our curriculum choices this year. You can look back at THIS POST to see what we chose to use this school year. This school year was a wild ride with COVID, me teaching at a brick and mortar... Continue Reading →

Curriculum Choices 2020-2021

One of my favorite posts to read on other homeschooling blogs is their posts on what curriculum they are using that year, and at the end of the year what did or didn’t work for them. So this is my post with our curriculum for the year. I have a 3 year old (preschool) and... Continue Reading →

“Grown-up” books for May After my scholarly reading...and with everything going on...I went for some lighter...more escapist reading this month. The first one was intentional...the second I stumbled upon... and haven't exactly finished. The first is the Magician's Nephew. I haven't read Narnia in a while and it's very comforting to me. If it's your first time through... Continue Reading →

All About Reading Review

Ari finished All About Reading level 2 this week! We started with All About Reading level Pre back when Ari was 2.5. We took it very slow and she loved it. We tried a different learning to read curriculum when she was 4 and while it was fine...about halfway through she begged to go back... Continue Reading →

Mathematical Reasoning Review

Ari finished her math book for the year so it's a good time for another review! We use Mathematical Reasoning from the Critical Thinking Co as our core math curriculum (again this is not a sponsored post, just me sharing what I think of this curriculum). I was introduced to this curriculum by the Timberdoodle... Continue Reading →

All About Spelling 1 Review

My daughter is 6 and just finished AAS level 1. We have used AAR pre and level 1 and are 75% done with level 2. Those are all wonderful and my daughter loves them. This was our first year doing spelling. It was not my daughters favorite subject, however, I think the curriculum is good... Continue Reading →

Gentle+Classical Nature Review

This week we finished up Term 1 of the Gentle+Classical Nature program. We really enjoyed using this nature study program this year. I know it says Term 1 but we took it nice and slow, starting the program last April or May I think and just finishing it now. We averaged 2 weeks to a... Continue Reading →

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