Leaf Week!

L is for leaves! Most of the leaves around here are still green but we had fun with them anyway! We sketched trees, made leaf rubbings, leaf prints, traced leaves, pressed leaves, sorted leaves, made leaf crowns and leaf animals. We drew trees, observed what happens if you put a branch of leaves in a... Continue Reading →

Field trip! PUC & Elmshaven

Since we've been learning California history...it's nice to know some of your own family history in California. My husband was taking a group of academy students to a workshop at PUC in Angwin so the kids and I tagged along so I could show the kids some of their history. My grandparents, my parents, my... Continue Reading →

Moon Week!

This week was M is for Moon week for Cas. We built the letter M with cuisenaire rods, we read books about the moon from the library, we made the phases of the moon with oreos, we built a rocket ship fort, sketched the moon every night to see how it changed, discovered how far... Continue Reading →

House Progress

We've been working hard! We had to get the interior all ready for the drywall to be installed. So we were spraying foam insulation on the downstairs ceiling, and stuffing insulation in gaps in the walls and marking the studs. Now the drywall is in but still needs to be inspected and then taped and... Continue Reading →

Sun Week!

We started easing into our school year at the beginning of August. Here we are in September so I thought I'd share some of what we did. Cas' core is My Father's World Kindergarten. It has themes that go for about a week and a half based around a letter...after the intro theme which is... Continue Reading →

Curriculum 2022-2023

This year Cas will be in Kindergarten and Ari will be in 4th grade. I gave them both some choices in what curriculum they wanted to do this year. The subjects we will all do together are Bible, Science, some Social Studies, music, art, Spanish, health and nature study. I am also teaching 2 hours... Continue Reading →

House Progress!

Progress has been happening! This last month after all our trips, we've been spending a lot of time at the house. The kids have learned to saw through a 2x4 with a hand saw, and to put gold coat around a door or window frame, and to use an electric screwdriver, and to drive an... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the last days of summer.

Sharing cucumbers Staying cool My butterflies! Science Kit Last swim lesson Tortoise Giant bunny Feeding rays Ray tunnel Meeting a capybara 1st time bowling! They love it! Creek time is Play time Dress up time! Our Chocolate bunny Bunny playtime Feeding fish Summer comes to an end too soon. We've packed it full! The kids... Continue Reading →

Ashland Independence Day!

We celebrated our first Independence day in Ashland since before the fire! Cas didn't remember having celebrated there before and Ari struggled to remember much of it so they enjoyed being able to celebrate again. We had excellent weather. It sprinkled on us so we weren't too hot. We did the 2 mile fun run,... Continue Reading →

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