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F for Frog

Frog week! We have tadpoles and we have chrysalis's. Two of the chrysalis's hatched today. Cas knew they were getting close and he spent an hour this morning staring at them. He ate his breakfast, brushed his hair and his teeth and got changed watching the chrysalis...walked away for 5 minutes hatched. He was... Continue Reading →

B for Butterfly!

It's been butterfly week! Unfortunately I've been slacking on taking pictures. We had gorgeous weather last week and got outside by the levee and caught tadpoles and water-bugs and threw rocks in the water and had a good time. Over the weekend, the weather turned cold and wet again and we huddled inside. Our caterpillars... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder Bible Experience

So the reason for our quick trip to Florida and Epcot fun was because Ari's PBE team had made it to Division level (the last level). And division testing was held in Florida. Again, for PBE there is a chosen book of the Bible for the year and teams have to study/memorize that book so... Continue Reading →

R for Rock and J for Jewel

Next we've been doing r for rock and j for jewel. We did some sorting of rocks and learned about birthstones and looked at a video of the late queen of England to see some royal jewels. The kids have been doing more cooking and helping around the house. Ari vacuums her room and the... Continue Reading →

Epcot 2023

We had a real quick trip to Florida last weekend and we spent a day at Epcot. Considering we just spent a day at Disneyland last month, I have some comparisons to make. Epcot and Disney World are way more complicated than Disneyland as far as getting your tickets set up and running genie +.... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter!

We returned from our spring break to find... it was the week before Easter! And of course our spring break had lasted through Tuesday so we only had half a week to do our Easter activities. We crammed Sense of the Resurrection into two days instead of our normal two weeks. That meant we had... Continue Reading →

First Camping Trip of 2023!

For the second weekend of Spring Break we went to Black Butte Lake and camped with my family. It was my dads birthday and my sister wanted to test out her new teardrop trailer before her baby is born this summer. It was chilly but we had a great time. My brother brought up a... Continue Reading →

Spring Break House Progress

Although we book-ended our spring break with travel, we did get some work done at our house as well. Our contractors came and got a bunch more of the trim done and patched the holes in the walls created by the hvac guy. Our trim is almost finished! We got several Red Hot Pokers planted... Continue Reading →

Aquarium and Playground

For our last day in LA we went to a fun aquarium store and then found a nice playground to burn energy before our flight back. All of the aquarium stores in our area have closed so it was fun to find one still open and it had quite a few unique offerings. It had... Continue Reading →

PBE & Disneyland

Ari is in a Pathfinder club and within that club she is on our Pathfinder Bible Experience team. This year they had to memorize the Gospel of John in the NKJV. Ari was given chapters 18-21. Her club had passed the Area and Conference tests and so we went down to LA for the Union... Continue Reading →

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