Learning about France

We're back in the swing of homeschool! We're having a blast learning about France since it's where Ari wants to go for her 10th birthday trip. I might also be staying up too late learning about France 😛 I'll get that figured out. We've also started working on learning some French with Duolingo and Language... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Routine

We had a fun new years with my in-laws and celebrated our last Christmas with them. We played 4 rounds of miniature golf and went rock climbing. We adults also visited IKEA, played 2 games of Wingspan and did our first Escape room since Covid became a thing. The escape room was called Capitol Treasure... Continue Reading →

2022 A New Start

Before I make my resolutions for this year, I want to look back on last year. Last year I chose fewer goals. That was probably a good thing because even those few goals were shaken when our contractor abandoned in May. I did continue listening to Pine Knoll's Sabbath School class and I did memorize... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

First week of vacation is over and it's been a blast so far! Multiple games of Wingspan in the books. My brother was won most of the games but the last game Ari conquered. She was very pleased with herself. We've also done multiple hikes and outdoor adventures. Cas' favorite is the Acid Castles near... Continue Reading →

Christmas School Week 3

It's been another fun week! We learned about how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden, Spain, Uganda, Ukraine and Switzerland. We tried lots of fun foods like Kottbullar, tarta de Santiago, Ugandan egg rolls, mendazi, Kolacky, Borscht and Kartoffelsalat. We sang carols, read lots of Christmas books and watched The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Ari has... Continue Reading →

Christmas School 2021 Week 2

Had another good week of Christmas school! We learned about how Christmas is celebrated in New Zealand, Brazil, Germany and the Philippines and about Hanukkah in Israel. We tried some traditions from those countries like spinning the dreidel, having a book flood, and making Christmas crackers. We got to try all kinds of different foods... Continue Reading →

Christmas School!

We've been enjoying our first week of Christmas school. All the Advent calendars! Each kid has a toy Advent calendar, we're doing our Follow the Star Advent tradition, my aunt gifted us the Jacquie Lawson computer calendar and our amazing friends at Heavens to Betty made us a fun book Advent calendar where we get... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've had a wonderful thanksgiving with family. We got to spend one thanksgiving dinner with my second family and then a second thanksgiving dinner with my siblings. Both of them involved some Cas wrangling. He still has a lot of energy to manage formal dinners well but his comedic timing is excellent...shall we talk about... Continue Reading →

Finished up Brazil

We've had lots of fun over the last few weeks. I'm glad Brazil was given 3 weeks instead of 2 in our curriculum so we could touch on some of the other South American countries and we had some lighter days since we were substitute teaching for 3 days. We spent the fire anniversary discussing... Continue Reading →

Farmland Math Review

Timberdoodle's Farmland Math is a simple and intuitive preschool math program that both of my kids have enjoyed. It consists of a Farm mat, a bucket of farm animals made up of 6 different animals in 5 different colors, and a weekly lesson guide with a total of 36 lessons. The lessons are set in... Continue Reading →

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