House Progress

We've been working hard! We had to get the interior all ready for the drywall to be installed. So we were spraying foam insulation on the downstairs ceiling, and stuffing insulation in gaps in the walls and marking the studs. Now the drywall is in but still needs to be inspected and then taped and... Continue Reading →

House Progress!

Progress has been happening! This last month after all our trips, we've been spending a lot of time at the house. The kids have learned to saw through a 2x4 with a hand saw, and to put gold coat around a door or window frame, and to use an electric screwdriver, and to drive an... Continue Reading →

It’s March!

Life's been busy. It's been a month since my last post! We finished off Kenya and visited Saudi Arabia and are now halfway through India! Saudi Arabia and India have included more discussions about different customs, religions and treatment of women and girls. Ari is certain she wouldn't last a week in those cultures. There... Continue Reading →

On to Africa!

The last week and a half have been busy and fun. We made pretzels and blushing maid for our German feast and then we flew to Kenya to study Africa. We are learning about different people groups around Africa, about the grasslands habitat and animals that inhabit it, and about some famous missionaries to Africa... Continue Reading →

Omicron and Germany and Doors!

It's been a bit since I wrote last...we were just finishing France and about to have our French feast. It was delicious. A cheese souffle, croissant and chocolate mousse with a strawberry. Yumm! Now we've about finished Germany. We'll have our German feast tomorrow. We've learned about Martin Luther, George Muller and John Wesley. We... Continue Reading →

Learning about France

We're back in the swing of homeschool! We're having a blast learning about France since it's where Ari wants to go for her 10th birthday trip. I might also be staying up too late learning about France 😛 I'll get that figured out. We've also started working on learning some French with Duolingo and Language... Continue Reading →

Christmas School 2021 Week 2

Had another good week of Christmas school! We learned about how Christmas is celebrated in New Zealand, Brazil, Germany and the Philippines and about Hanukkah in Israel. We tried some traditions from those countries like spinning the dreidel, having a book flood, and making Christmas crackers. We got to try all kinds of different foods... Continue Reading →

It’s November!

Time flies anyway but now we're into the time of year when it really takes off. Kids have continued to hone their housekeeping skills. Helping cook, sweep, clean mirrors, do dishes and unload the dishwasher. They're also doing more grocery shopping this year. They each have their own list of groceries to collect at the... Continue Reading →

We’ve been very busy:

Our last couple weeks have been a lot of fun and very busy. We're now studying Canada...but I don't have any pictures of that. We had friends from out of state come visit us for over a week and we had a blast. We went camping, went to a renaissance fair, the zoo, mini golfing,... Continue Reading →

Mexico and Plumbing

We have had a lot fun exploring Mexico and the desert the last 2 weeks. We've done science experiments to discover how cacti retain water and protect themselves. We've watched The Living Desert to learn about what lives in the desert. We learned about Chichen Itza and Mexican markets and eaten or at least tasted... Continue Reading →

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