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Returning to Paradise

A blog about our life homeschooling, enjoying life, and working to return to Paradise

K for Kangaroo

This last week was full of adventure. Cas had high fevers, vomiting and diarrhea for 2 days and then developed spontaneous itchy rashes for 2 days after the fevers went down. Threw a complete wrench into things. We also had a leak in the plumbing between our two floors that was tricky to find, tricky…

P is for Penguin

This week has continued to be quite crazy. We’ve been having more random snow and snow days but we also had 3 days of sunshine and…50 degrees feels like 70 right now so we did school outside. We continue to have various contractors working on our house keeping things interesting and…our HVAC finally got finished!…

Journey with me

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